Zoran equips athletes, coaches, and teams with mental skills to unlock top performance and do so with a smile on their face. His love for coaching and human performance development led him to study how elite performers prepare for competition. He has two MSc degrees in Sport & Exercise Psychology. Zoran is a certified mental performance consultant (CMPC), an elite high-performance tennis coach, and a husband.


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My whole life, I have been surrounded by sport. My dad was a competitive soccer player, so he always spent time with us playing sports, teaching us about the values of sport, and giving us opportunities to experience diverse competitive sport contexts.

In 2014 as I neared the end of my undergraduate degree at University of Victoria (Canada), I started to ask myself the question: WHAT's NEXT? I knew only that I wanted to go live in Europe. Torn between whether to continue studying or work, I spent hours talking with a family friend. A mentor. He looked at my bookshelf and pointed out that it was filled with books on sport psychology! It all made sense now.

I looked for a sport psychology program in Europe and was accepted to it. I had the opportunity to study in Greece (University of Thessaly) and Finland (University of Jyvaskyla), and get two Master’s Degrees in a subject I love. Besides that, as a cherry on top, I also met a beautiful young woman who would go on to become my wife.

My 5-YEAR GOAL is to start a PhD program in sport science somewhere in Canada, the US or Australia. In the mean time, the focus is on providing as much value as possible to anyone who works with Kizo Performance.

I am EAGER TO LEARN AND IMPROVE, build and maintain client relationships, and persist to create what I envision. My growth mindset, positive attitude, and collaborative approach empower me to succeed in what I envision. MY VISION is to educate and empower people to get the most out of their performance. Not only to perform at their best. But also, to be HAPPY IN THEIR LIVES WITH WHO THEY ARE AS A PERSON.