Energy Management to Get the Most out of Your Performance

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Ever wondered why you feel drained and lethargic? Not only does this low energy state hinder performance but it makes it more likely for you to get injured. Is there a way to change that? Of course there is. Let me tell you how.

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You have a phone, right? What do you do with it every night before you go to bed (after a bit more Instagram and Snapchat)? You put it to charge. Well, just like a phone battery, our human battery also needs to be recharged. But it is much more complex, and we can charge it in multiple ways.

Remember that there are four battery levels: low, medium, high, and full. Your battery level extends to everyday life, not just to in sport. Research is clear that

  1. Energy for physical and mental tasks are drawn from the same source within us
  2. We have more in the tank than we think, and
  3. We can use mental strategies to get more energy out of our battery.

Okay that’s all great. But how do I use these mental strategies to get more out of my battery? Here are my top 5 energy boosting tips.

5 Energy recharging tips to get more out of your performance


Cut out unnecessary things or people in your life that drain your energy. Things that are unnecessary and useless. Take a serious hard look at your habit, routine, who you hang out with. And cut out the ones that drain you.


The slowest, and most important recharging strategy on this list. It repairs muscle damage, is responsible for learning, and fighting diseases. Set your alarm so you wake up between 90-minute sleep cycles. See this website for more info.


Your food and drink impacts your energy. Giving your body what it needs is huge especially since it will need the energy for rugged and hostile conditions, and the right stuff to repair the body from the damage of these conditions. What do you eat and drink before, during and after competition matters. 


Neuromuscular fatigue can lead to injury, and knowing when to take breaks is important. I strongly suggest ice baths after training or competition.


Journaling for 10-15 minutes before bed can get your energy levels back up and clear your mind of the day’s clutter and noise. Doing it in the morning can clarify your daily intentions and training goals. Quick and effective recharge and goal setting tool.

Main Takeaways

  • Pay attention to your energy levels throughout the day
  • Use the recharge strategies to boost your battery


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