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KP 011: How can I refocus between points? (Vancouver)

KP 011: How can I refocus between points?


Yeah, tennis is a tough sport. You’re on your own. You often find that:

  • You get heated, overwhelmed and tense when the match is close

  • After losing a point, you hit your racquet on the ground, against your shoe, and have negative inner dialogue (“You suck” “She’s better than me” “What am I doing?”)

  • You choke and tilt when closing out a match because you are anxious, lethargic and tight

  • Your attention fades during the match and you have no way to bring it back

Imagine making all that go away. Imagine being…

Aggressive yet calm

Confident, conscious and composed

Focused on what matters to you

Leaving mistakes in the past

We have a solution for you!


What you’ll get out of our mental conditioning workshop

  1. The Routine Card© that you keep in your tennis bag that will equip you with your new refocusing strategies.

  2. A guided visualization audio recording that you can use at home to sharpen your imagery skills

  3. A step-by-step walkthrough guide on how to train your focus at home

Get answers to questions you ask your self

Why is my mental routine between points important?

How can I build my mental focus between points?

How can I stay composed in a big point?

How can I refocus when my mind wanders?

Who is this workshop for?

  • 12-18 year old tennis players who compete and want the edge over their competition

  • Parents of tennis players attending

Date & Time

Wednesday, January 15th 7-9 pm PST


North Vancouver Tennis Centre, 280 Lloyd Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3H3


Only 21 spots left.

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About the Webinar Facilitator


Zoran equips athletes, coaches, and teams with mental skills to unlock top performance and do so with a smile on their face. His love for coaching and human performance development led him to study how elite performers prepare for competition. He has two MSc degrees in Sport & Exercise Psychology and has worked with athletes from various sports, including elite tennis players. Zoran is a CSPA certified mental performance consultant (CMPC), a high-performer and a husband.